Audit practice and documentation assessment are practiced in case studies and basic knowledge of ISO 50001 is deepened in this training. After completing this intensive online seminar, you can assess the conformity of anenergy management system and plan external and internal audits in the team.

Self-study with preliminary material 8 hours:

Pre-course material will be provided for independent preparation. This has to be studied and the exercises are to be worked through. Solutions will be discussed at the beginning of the seminar.


Target group / requirements:

Completed vocational training with experience in environmental management and / or energy management and initial audit experience with management systems are prerequisites for this course.

Important: participants who intend to complete the seminar to become a certification auditor (3rd party) must lodge an auditor training according to any other management system standard (e.g. ISO 9001 or ISO 14001) with typically at least 40 teaching hours. After successfully passing the exam, they receive a Bureau Veritas lead auditor certificate.

The course meets the requirements of accreditation bodies for thequalification of internal and external auditors.

Participants who do not meet this requirement of advance-training will receive the certificate "System Auditor for ISO 50001: 2018 (1st,2nd party)" after passing the exam

The seminar is carried out by an experienced ISO 50001: 2018 lead certificationauditor with IRCA trainer approval


Course content:

  • Introduction to energy topics / technical basics
  • Legal framework
  • Certification requirements (ISO 50003, IAF / DAkkS documents)
  • Requirement of ISO 50001: 2018 in the context of an audit
  • Context, risks and opportunities
  • Energy review and planning for collection of energy data
  • Demonstrating energy performance improvement with appropriate EnPls
  • Audit planning and implementation according to ISO 19011: 2018
  • Audit evidence and non-conformity reports

    Duration of the online seminar: 24 hours


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